Praying Mantis & New Device Friday 17th October 2014

Mantis 17th October 2014


Well this is a treat for all those who like N.W.o.B.H.M. Hard Rock, soaring vocals or just out and out guitar love, this is a must see gig for you!!!
Praying Mantis UK Rock – Metal, one of the originals that are still going, never stopping, always striving to keep on top of their game. Pioneers of their sound and have never faultered from it. Many changes within the band but always the very distinctive sound of Mantis \m/
Support will be from the brilliant New Device, These guys are the New Age of Hard Rock, anthemic songs that you can’t get out of your head for the next week, a true sign of great song writing!!!
Door price will be £10 with no concessions this time.