Reckless Ambition & Dirty Lions Saturday 30th August 2014

30th August 2014


Our great freinds Reckless Ambition, are back and badder than ever!!! These young rockers are serious contenders on the circuit, don’t let their fresh faces fool you!!! Anyone who hasn’t seen Reckless Ambition, then you are in for a real treat, hard driving guitars, big bass and booming drums. If you need any more info on these cracking chaps then please head over to…..

Then we have the Dirty Lions, these are well seasoned musos who have come together to upset the apple cart on the scene with their rock infused jazz, sounds very interesting indeed, this might need further investigation….

As you should know by now we will only put the best musical entertainment for you, we look forward to seeing you all there ;oD \m/