Bitter Divide & Black Whiskey 29th August 2015

29th August 2015



We are so pleased to be putting this bill on together, two of the very best bands on the circuit at the minute.
Black Whiskey have been making a serious name for themselves after being signed to Rocksector Records even before they had the album written, now that’s cool!!
Fronted by the brilliant vocals of Simon Gordon, echoing the great voices of 70′s and 80′s Rock but with a very fresh twist on it. Haven’t heard a voice like this for a long time and I personally welcome it with open arms!!
On Bass guitar is the immensly talented Mark T Parkin. Now by the looks of it Mark couldn’t decide if he wanted to play bass or guitar so decided to pick up a 6 string Bass instead…..greedy little bugger ;oD
On Guitar is Kevin Ingles, now if you don’t know Kev, he is a serious player. Having gone to school with Jeff Summers and having guitar offs at school, showing each other inside knowledge, you know that there’s already great foundations.
Finally on Drums is Richard Bannister, slightly built Rich belies the capability of this young man. Really conducting the band brilliantly with a great natural roll.
Also we have the phenominal Bitter Divide, now yes these guys were suppose to be playing in June but seeing as they won their way to the final of Metal 2 The Masses we have to forgive them, but being a tenacious little Monkey, we had to get the guys in to prove how good they are, trust me you will not be disappointed!!!!
Fronted by the brilliantly gruff Neil Frame aka Mojo, Hard Rock just got balls!!!
Lead guitar hands over to Bitter Divide Si, now this guy can shred, gotta love a bit of shredding!!
On rythym guitar we have the very solid Dave, nothing else just Dave. Driving rythym section Dave.
On Bass we have Russell Graham, now this guy along with Bitter Divide Ben are the really driving force of the band. Unfaultering and as tight as a nun’s chuff, just as it should be!!!
Entrance to the gig will be £10 with absolutely no exceptions what so ever!!!!! This will be THE GIG of the month I promise you!!!! \m/