StoneWire & Black State Highway Saturday 25th April 2015

25th April 2015


So there are many great meetings in life, like cookies and cream, or cheese and marmite………….things that go together just because they do!!! Well this is one of those meetings, StoneWire fronted by the awesomely gravely Sky Hunter, now if you are a lover of the husky female voice like Janis Joplin, Nikki Lamborn, Ella Fitzgerald and Stevie Nicks then trust me you will adore Sky’s vocals. Accompanied by Robert Glasner hitting the skins, Gareth Annable and Dan Murphy on guitars and Steve Briggs on Bass, these guys are serious about making great music.
If I had to describe their sound, I would say that originally they were bordering on Southern style but with the new album they are edging more towards Blues Rock with a heavy emphasis on Rock, Just the way we like it. To see what I mean check their sounds out old and new here

To double the oestrogen levels for the evening we have the sensational Black State Highway, fronted by the amazing Liva Steinberga. If you like your female vocals with more balls than a football team then she’s your girl. Accompanied by Harry Bland on drums, with Jon Crampton and Olie Trethewey each tearing it up on guitars. On bass we have Gordon Duncan who you think would have a seriously hard job following but trust me he can hold his own.
How would I describe Black State Highway……….I would say Californian Rock, not to be confused with Southern style. These guys are far more musical and riff based. To see what I mean please check them out here

This is going to be the gig of the month in all of the London area, sounds pretentious, but trust me it really will be!!!!

Doors will open at 20:00 with first band on at 20:30. Entrance fee will be £10.

See you all there \m/