26th April

So it’s about time we brought a local band into play, Local Boys Metasoma have stepped up to the plate to take on the giants that are New Device. Brave move some might say, others may say it’s a cunning stunt (quick….. get the spell check on!!!!)
All we know is it’s gonna be yet another great evening for music at The Rock Patch.

We all know and Love New Device, these guys get better and better everytime. If by now you still haven’t heard of them because you’ve been in a coma on a desert island then you can find out all the good bits and hear the best bits here at………

On the other hand if you are a musical guru, you will of course know everything there is to know about Metasoma. For us mortals, please fly over to where you can of course study up and of course listen to these fine guys Rock their hearts out, before you come and see them at the now hallowed Rock Patch!!!!

Doors open at 20:00 with first band on at 20:30, so please don’t be late it will only piss you off ;oD

Entrance fee will be £10 or if you produce a valid student card you will only be charged a measly £5, how cheap is that!!!!!

See you there fellow live music savers \m/